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Online: Adult Mental Helath Case Management Client Review

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  3. Case Management Services (MS 245.462 subd. 4)
    means activities that are coordinated with the community support service program and are designed to help adults with serious and persistent mental illness in gaining access to needed medical, social educational, vocational and other necessary services as they relate to the clients mental health needs. Case management services include developing a functional assessment, an individual community support plan, referring and assign the person to obtain needed mental health and other services, ensuring coordination of services and monitoring the delivery of services.
  4. Items to remember:
    • Initial CM referral FA/ LOCUS/ ICSP sent to ICHHS within 30 days of intake • DA submitted to ICHHS every 3 years, or as often as DA is updated • New client will be reviewed with ICHHS at 6 months • FA/ ICSP/ LOCUS/ submitted to ICHHS every 6 months • ROI's submitted yearly • Yearly review will be scheduled with ICHHS • Agencies will complete and internal review and forward the review form to ICHHS
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