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  2. Citizen eInput Form
  3. The Itasca County Board of Commissioners values your opinion and encourages Citizen Input. All comments submitted through this form are sent to the County Board members and the County Administrator for their consideration, as well as the Deputy Clerk of the County Board for placement into the public record.
  4. All information submitted through this form becomes part of the official public record for the selected meeting. This service is provided as a convenience to the public and comments are subject to the following terms: • Submissions must include the submitter's true name and address. • It is unacceptable for any submission to slander or engage in character assassination. • No political grandstanding, candidate endorsement, or other attempts to influence the outcome of an election shall be permitted.
  5. The County Board will read submissions at the selected meeting, in accordance with the 3-minute time limit, and take all information under advisement; responses are not provided to comments submitted through this form. Please complete the following items to submit your input. For questions or concerns regarding the use of this form, please contact Amanda Schultz, Deputy Clerk of the County Board via email at or via phone at (218) 327-7362.
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