Population Health Management (PHM)

IMCare and your primary care providers want to ensure you have the tools you need to improve and or maintain your health.

Preventive health is an important part of staying healthy. The purpose of a preventive visit is to review your overall health, identify risks and find out how to stay healthy. These visits can find potential health concerns early when interventions and treatment are most effective. Wellness visits should be scheduled at least once a year. Some people may need to be seen more than once a year based on their health needs. 

Shared decision-making aids can give you more information about your condition, treatment options, and outcomes. Mayo Clinic offers a free shared decision--making aid at:  https://shareddecisions.mayoclinic.org.  Your primary care provider will know what is best for you and your health needs.  Shared decision-making aids are not a replacement for seeing your provider but may help you understand and discuss complicated healthcare needs.

IMCare has many ways our members can get the information they need to manage their health. Preventive screening guidelines and some helpful links are located on the right based on life stages. Member newsletters are mailed out in the spring and fall of each year and include information on services that are available.

For more information, please contact Member Services at 218-327-6188.