Credit/Debit Card Payment Instructions

Itasca County offers credit/debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) through Official Payments Corporation. You will be charged a service fee for the use of this service. Print out the Confirmation of Payment page that you receive from Official Payments Corporation.


  1. Go to the Official Payments Corporation website.
    1. Click on Local Payments
    2. State: Minnesota
    3. Payment Entity: Itasca County
    4. Payment type: Recorder
  2. Click on green tab - Make a payment
  3. Then choose one or more payment types from the list (click next to what you are purchasing).
  4. Enter the payment amount.
  5. Payment Options: Click on whichever credit/debit card you are using
  6. Click on green tab - Continue
  7. The next screen shows the cost of what you are purchasing as well as the service fee being charged by Official Payments.
  8. There is a terms and conditions that needs to be read and then click on green tab - Accept
  9. You can now either create an account or continue as a guest
  10. Enter your personal info (name, address, email address) and credit/debit card information
  11. Click on green tab - Continue
  12. Verify info and submit