Child Foster Care Licensing Process

-Attend a 3 hour orientation meeting which covers general information about child foster care and the licensing process.  these meetings
 are  scheduled several times per year and cost nothing.  To find out when the next scheduled meeting is, you can contact Kristi Jacobs,
 Child Foster Care Licensor at 218-398-4458 or email her at 

-Request a licensing packet by contacting Kristi Jacobs at the phone or email listed above

-Prospective license holders and family members over the age of 13 will need to complete Adam Walsh background studies which include
 finger print cards and releases of information for any states you may have resided in within the past 5 years.

-Complete paperwork which includes, but is not limited to:

       *Family systems application for child foster care
       *Privacy rights
       *Individual fact sheet
       *Family disaster plan
       *Foster care agreement
       *Chemical use policy
       *Complaint/grievance policy
       *Child foster care statement of intended use
       *Floor and escape plan
       *Well water testing (between $35 and $50) if you are not connected to city water

-An agency staff will walk through your home with a home safety checklist to make sure that it meets fire and safety codes.  Certain 
 conditions present in the home may trigger the need for a state fire marshal inspection.  Your child foster care licensor will be able to  
 answer any questions you may have about this.

-You will be required to purchase a 2QA-10BC fire extinguisher to keep in the kitchen

-You will also be required to have first aid supplies with the following:

    *Sterile gauze
    *First aid manual
    *Ice pack
    *Liquid soap

-Once the background studies have been cleared and the above paperwork completed, the licensing social worker will complete a home study.  This means the license will go over information about your childhood, how you were disciplined or plan on disciplining children, employment history, relationship history, finances and strength and weaknesses with you and your family.  The social worker will send out reference letters to the references listed in your application.  The licensor will need 3 completed reference letters in the file before the licensing process is complete.

-Complete mandatory training specified under the pre-service licensing training tab on the left

-Once all of the above is complete, the licensor can submit paperwork to the Department of Human Services to issue the license