Environmental Health

  1. Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood and are usually active at night.

  2. Food, Pools and Lodging

    The Minnesota Department of Health licenses and inspects food and beverage establishments in Minnesota, such as restaurants, schools, cafes, food carts, special event food stands and seasonal food stands.

  3. Mold

    Mold can start to grow on interior building surfaces and furnishings if there is too much moisture and will eventually damage the materials it is growing on and may cause health effects for occupants.

  4. Public Health Nuisance

    A home or property potentially affecting the health and safety of the public could be considered a public health nuisance.

  5. Radon

    Radon is an invisible, radioactive gas created from natural deposits of uranium in the ground and the county provides test kits.

  6. Rental/Tenant Rights

    Sometimes tenants may face environmental health hazards while renting a property.

  7. Water

    Testing kits for home water monitoring are available from Environmental Services at the Itasca County Courthouse.