Itasca County Policy Book

  1. Disclaimer and Non Discrimination Clause (PDF)
  2. Purpose (PDF)
  3. What is a Policy (PDF)
  4. Adoption and Administration Policies (PDF)
  5. Itasca County Privacy Policy (PDF)
  6. I. A. Budget Process, Policy, and Procedures (PDF)
  7. I. A. Investment Policy (PDF)
  8. I. B. Agenda (PDF)
  9. I. B. Appointments to Boards Commissions and Itasca County Board (PDF)
  10. I. B. Authority of Single County Commissioner Entering into Agreement (PDF)
  11. I. B. Consent Agenda (PDF)
  12. I. B. Grant Administration Policy (PDF)
  13. I. B. Housing and Redevelopment Authority Bylaws (PDF)
  14. I. B. Mission Statement (PDF)
  15. I. B. Notification to County Board of Overruns in Excess of 1 Percent in Any Contract (PDF)
  16. I. B. Standing Rules and Bylaws of the Itasca County Board of Commissioners (PDF)
  17. I. C. MN Government Data Practices Manual for Itasca County (PDF)
  18. I. D. Alternative Workplace Agreement Policy (PDF)
  19. I. D. Computer Policy (PDF)
  20. I. D. Web Policy (PDF)
  21. I. E. Adoption of Merit Principles of Personnel Administration for Itasca County (PDF)
  22. I. E. Classification and Compensation (PDF)
  23. I. E. Code of Ethics (PDF)
  24. I. E. Communicable Diseases Policy (PDF)
  25. I. E. Direct Deposit of Employee Pay (PDF)
  26. I. E. Discipline Policy (PDF)
  27. I. E. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy (PDF)
  28. I. E. Employee Development (PDF)
  29. I. E. Employee Handbook (PDF)
  30. I. E. Employee Recognition Program (PDF)
  31. I. E. Employee Responsibilities (PDF)
  32. I. E. Employee Rights (PDF)
  33. I. E. Employee Wellness Program (PDF)
  34. I. E. Equal Opportunity Statement (PDF)
  35. I. E. Identification Badge Policy (PDF)
  36. I. E. Interim on Drug Free Workplace (PDF)
  37. I. E. Labor Management Committees (PDF)
  38. I. E. Leave of Absence (PDF)
  39. I. E. Legislative Protocol For Itasca County Employees (PDF)
  40. I. E. Management Rights (PDF)
  41. I. E. Medical Evaluation and Employee Assistance (PDF)
  42. I. E. Military Leave Pool Policy (PDF)
  43. I. E. Performace Appraisals (PDF)
  44. I. E. Personnel Board of Appeals Policy and Rules of Procedure (PDF)
  45. I. E. Personnel Records (PDF)
  46. I. E. Political Activities (PDF)
  47. I. E. Probationary Period (PDF)
  48. I. E. Recuitment Selection and Appointment (PDF)
  49. I. E. Reimbursement of Expenses (PDF)
  50. I. E. Termination of Employment (PDF)
  51. I. E. Transportation Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy (PDF)
  52. I. E. Veterans Preference (PDF)
  53. I. E. Violence and Harrassment Policy (PDF)
  54. I. E. Work Schedule (PDF)
  55. I. F. Assistive Devices and or Accommodation Policy (PDF)
  56. I. F. Courthouse Policies (PDF)
  57. I. F. Fax Charge Policy (PDF)
  58. I. F. Grievance Procedure with Regards to Alleged Complaints of Handicap Discrimination (PDF)
  59. I. F. Lost and Found Policy (PDF)
  60. I. F. Parking (PDF)
  61. I. F. Personal Use of Publicly Owned Automobiles (PDF)
  62. I. F. Solicitation (PDF)
  63. I. F. Tobacco Use Policy (PDF)
  64. I. F. Weapons Policy (PDF)
  65. I. G. Auto Liability Claims (PDF)
  66. I. G. Required Insurance Limits for Contracts (PDF)
  67. I. H. Capital Improvement Plan (PDF)
  68. I. I. Employee Timekeeping Policy (PDF)
  69. I. J. Credit Card Policy (PDF)
  70. I. J. Disposal of County Property (PDF)
  71. I. J. Purchasing Policy (PDF)
  72. I. K. Retention and Destruction Schedule (PDF)
  73. I. L. HIPAA Security (PDF)
  74. I. L. HIPPAA Privacy Compliance (PDF)
  75. II. A. Abatement Policy (PDF)
  76. II. A. Policy on Abatements for Redevelopment or Development (PDF)
  77. II. B. Accounts Payable Policy (PDF)
  78. II. B. Draft GASB 34 Related Policies (PDF)
  79. II. B. Electronic Fund Transfer Policy (PDF)
  80. II. B. Formation of a Township (PDF)
  81. II. B. Positive Pay Policy (PDF)
  82. II. B. Post Issuance Compliance Procedure and Policy for Tax Exempt Governmental Bonds (PDF)
  83. III. A. Tobacco Ordinance (PDF)
  84. III. A. Tobacco Ordinance Fair Hearing Procedure (PDF)
  85. IV. C. Emergency Number Signs Policy (PDF)
  86. IV. C. Fitness Room Use by All County Employees (PDF)
  87. IV. C. Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF)
  88. IV. C. Jail Housing Fee (PDF)
  89. IV. C. Mine Inspection Policy (PDF)
  90. IV. C. Road Name Change Policy Application (PDF)
  91. IV. C. Sheriff Civil Service Commission Rules (PDF)
  92. V. A. Account Receivable Policy (PDF)
  93. V. A. Aquatic Invasive Species Program Policy (PDF)
  94. V. A. Aquatice Invasive Species Agreement with IWLP (PDF)
  95. V. A. Balsam Bough Policy (PDF)
  96. V. A. Cutting Specifications for Timber Sales (PDF)
  97. V. A. Forest Management Guidelines and Specifications (PDF)
  98. V. A. Herbicide Policy (PDF)
  99. V. A. Land Department Firearm Policy (PDF)
  100. V. A. Ordinance for the Management and Control of Recreational Vehicles on County Lands (PDF)
  101. V. A. Sale of Pit Run Materials (PDF)
  102. V. A. Security Policy for Timber Sale Contracts (PDF)
  103. V. A. Siting Lane Construction and Maintenance on County Land Policy (PDF)
  104. V. A. Timber Permit Extension Policy (PDF)
  105. V. A. Timber Sale Policy (PDF)
  106. V. A. Tree Growth Tax Law Policy (PDF)
  107. V. B Guidelines for Improvements on Itasca County Shoreland, Cabin, and Homesite Lease Lots (PDF)
  108. V. B. Abstracts for County Land Exchanges (PDF)
  109. V. B. Appraisal Costs for Land Exchanges (PDF)
  110. V. B. Challenge Grant Policy (PDF)
  111. V. B. Forfeited Tax Sales Apportionment of Net Proceeds Policy (PDF)
  112. V. B. Interim Land Sale Policy (PDF)
  113. V. B. Land Management Policy (PDF)
  114. V. B. Mesabi Trail Ordinance (PDF)
  115. V. B. OHV Trail Development Policy (PDF)
  116. V. B. Ordinance for the Management and Control of Public Accesses of Itasca County (PDF)
  117. V. B. Park and Recreation Commission Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)
  118. V. B. Reimbursements for Improvements on Lease Lots (PDF)
  119. V. B. Road Easment Fee Increase (PDF)
  120. V. B. Road License to Cross Policy (PDF)
  121. V. B. Snowmobile Trail Policy (PDF)
  122. V. B. Tax Forfeited Buildings Policy (PDF)
  123. V. B. Utility Policy Upon Tax Forfeited Land (PDF)
  124. V. C. Abandonment, Establishment, Vactaion of County Roads (PDF)
  125. V. C. Apporaches (PDF)
  126. V. C. Chain of Command Policy (PDF)
  127. V. C. County Garage Equi[pment Installation and Maintenance Policy (PDF)
  128. V. C. Deficit Spending of Individual Unorganized Township Funds (PDF)
  129. V. C. Ditching Tiling to Facilitate Drainage from Proerties Abutting County Roads (PDF)
  130. V. C. Driveway Snowplowing (PDF)
  131. V. C. Dust Control Policy (PDF)
  132. V. C. Establishing County Roads Policy (PDF)
  133. V. C. Establishment of and or Prioritizing Construction Projects on County Roads (PDF)
  134. V. C. Explosives Policy (PDF)
  135. V. C. Highway Maintenance at Railroad Crossings (PDF)
  136. V. C. Highway Policy on Management of Department (PDF)
  137. V. C. Lease Lot Maintenance Policy - State (PDF)
  138. V. C. Lease Lot Maintenance Policy (PDF)
  139. V. C. Nuisance Beaver Control Policy (PDF)
  140. V. C. Provision of Road and Bridge Equipment Labor Services and Materials (PDF)
  141. V. C. Removal of Advertising Devices From Rights of Way (PDF)
  142. V. C. Right Lane Turn Policy (PDF)
  143. V. C. Road Closure Policy (PDF)
  144. V. C. Road Revocation Policy (PDF)
  145. V. C. Roadway Lightning Policy (PDF)
  146. V. C. Rural Mailboxes as Obstacles Within Right of Way (PDF)
  147. V. C. Sale of Materials Equipment Use and Services to Organized Townships (PDF)
  148. V. C. Sign Ordinance for Great River Road (PDF)
  149. V. C. Snow Removal Policy Roads and Sidewalks (PDF)
  150. V. C. Specific Service and Resort Slat Signing Policy (PDF)
  151. V. C. Unorganized Township Policy (PDF)
  152. V. C. Unorganized Township Road and Bridge Policy (PDF)
  153. V. C. Utility Permit Application (PDF)
  154. V. D. County Surveyor Services (PDF)
  155. V. D. Digital Information Acquisitation Policy (PDF)
  156. V. D. Release and Sale of Itasca Geographic Information System Data (PDF)
  157. V. E. Bigfork Airport Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
  158. V. E. Billing and Collection of Household Garbage and Demolition Accounts Policy (PDF)
  159. V. E. Bowstring Airport Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
  160. V. E. Building Code for the Handicapped (PDF)
  161. V. E. Cartways in Unorganized Townships (PDF)
  162. V. E. Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF)
  163. V. E. Environmental Policy Ordinance (PDF)
  164. V. E. Environmental Trust Fund Grant Program Policy (PDF)
  165. V. E. Floodplain Ordinance (PDF)
  166. V. E. Landfill Policy Statement (PDF)
  167. V. E. Mississippi Headwaters Plan and Management Ordinance (PDF)
  168. V. E. Ordinance for Regulating Advertising Devices Along the Great River Road in Itasca County (PDF)
  169. V. E. Ordinance Regulating the Surface Use of Bowstring River (PDF)
  170. V. E. Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule (PDF)
  171. V. E. Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment Bylaws and Rules of Procedure (PDF)
  172. V. E. Road Name Policy (PDF)
  173. V. E. Shooting at Dumps (PDF)
  174. V. E. Solid Waste Management Plan and Amendment (PDF)
  175. V. E. Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF)
  176. V. E. Water Surface Use Ordinance (PDF)
  177. V. E. Zoning Ordinance for Itasca County (PDF)
  178. V. E. Zoning Ordinance (PDF)