1. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  2. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.

  3. Community Voice

    Interact with the government by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and sharing in conversations around community proposals.

  4. County Board of Commissioners

    View the Itasca County Board of Commissioners district information and find meeting agendas and minutes.

  5. County Employment

    Find employment opportunities with the County of Itasca.

  6. County Parks

    Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

  7. County Trail System

    Discover information regarding Itasca County bicycle, hiking, hunting, skiing, and snowmobiling trails.

  8. Elected Officials

    Access information about county elected officials.

  9. Emergency Management

    The role of Emergency Management is to protect lives, property and environment from natural and/or man-made disasters through preparation, mitigation, response and recovery and to maximize the protection and promotion of public safety, health and welfare during large-scale emergencies.

  10. Fingerprinting Services

    The Itasca County Jail offers public fingerprinting.

  11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Read through the frequently asked questions to Itasca County.

  12. Health & Human Services

    The Mission of Itasca County Health and Human Services is to protect, promote, and improve the health, independence, and self-sufficiency of all people, families and communities in Itasca County.

  13. History of Itasca County

    Explore a brief history of Itasca County.

  14. Property Taxes

    Check out information on how and when to pay your property taxes, types of property taxes as well as information on delinquent taxes.

  15. Tax Relief Programs

    Browse the different tax relief programs of Itasca County.

  16. Vital Records

    The Vital Records Department is also part of the Recorder’s Office which operates as a Local Issuance Office authorized by the Minnesota Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records to issue certified birth and death records, issue marriage licenses and certificates, record ordination credentials, file notary commission registrations and is a repository of Military Discharge Records.