Gunn Park

Gunn Park is a highly developed model community park located 3 miles north of Grand Rapids along Highway 38, (Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway 38). It is located on the shores of Prairie Lake in Arbo Township.

This park was developed and managed by the Blandin Paper Company in the 1956. The Blandin Paper Company included several experimental plots of evergreen trees in the park. These plots of trees have been inventoried and evaluated as a part of the park planning process.
Gunn Park encompasses 20 acres of red and white pine, spruce and aspen forest.

Facilities located in Gunn Park include modern flush toilets and a large parking area. 

Ball Fields

Several baseball and softball fields are located in this park. The Little League organization has ownership and management of these facilities. A cooperative agreement has been worked out between the Park System and Little League, for use of one of the ball fields by the public.

Fishing Pier

A fishing pier is located on the shore of Prairie Lake, providing users a place for fishing and picnicking.

Picnic Area

The Park is equipped with several picnic tables providing a large day use area for families and individuals. A small set of playground equipment is also located near the picnic area and pavilion. Large pine trees, benches, and flowerbeds frame the scenic setting.

Gunn Park has a beautiful stone and wood pavilion that can be reserved for large group activities. It is an open-air facility with a built-in fireplace, electrical outlets, water, lights, and numerous picnic tables. 
The charge for Pavilion Reservations is as follows:
    1. $75.00 to reserve from 8am to 2:30 pm
    2. $75.00 to reserve from 2:30 pm to 9pm
    3. $150.00 for all day - Your choice of time
Pavilion Rules

Please view the Calendar below for open times and dates.

 If you would like to reserve the pavilion please call 218-327-2855.