Child Support Division

Enforcement Program
The Child Support Enforcement Program benefits children by enforcing responsibility to pay financial support. All children need emotional and financial support from both their father and their mother. The Child Support Services offered by Itasca County help children receive the support they deserve.

Determine Your Child Support Worker
Child support cases are split by the last name of the non-custodial parent

Child Support Supervisor Cases
Michelle Johnson BS-CH
Child Support Officers
Brenda Harthan AA-BR
Julie Shofner - Lead Child Support Officer CI-EL
Heidi Leppala
Wendy Mathews GS-JAC
Tammy Keith JAD-KZ
Jeannette Grover
Vanessa Boehland
Tina Holets
Dana Thompson
Barbara Petz TI-ZZ
Legal Support Specialists  
Sarah Norton 218-327-5593
Cara Scott 218-327-6111