Agriculture Homestead Classification

General Requirements

There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to be classified as agricultural homestead:
  • The land must meet the definition of agricultural property.
  • At the minimum, there must be 10 contiguous used to produce agricultural products in the preceding year (products such as the production for sale of livestock, dairy animals, poultry, fruits, vegetables, forage, grains, bees, apiary and fur-bearing animals).
  • You must be a Minnesota resident, and cannot claim agricultural homestead in a different Minnesotan county.
  • The land is actively being farmed.
  • The agricultural product must be produced for sale or there must be an exchange between two parties.

Special Circumstances

There are other situations where an agricultural property may receive homestead:
  • A qualifying relative occupies the property.
  • A child of the owner or owner’s spouse is farming the agricultural property either on their own or on behalf of an entity.
  • The property is occupied by the owner but is leased to someone else.

The Agriculture Use Verfication Form (PDF) and other related documents can be found on the Property Applications & Verfication Forms page. You may also visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue for additional information on property tax programs.